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We've always wanted to add a completely new product to our Trunk Show line, and we love how our soaps turned out. These Bar Soaps won't just add a bit of colour in our bathrooms when stacked together, but they're also packed with benefits too!

Each bar is available for only P50, and is a great option for holiday gift-giving! :)

Trunk Show Bar Soap Scents:
* Green with Envy - The best antibacterial soap to treat skin problems while moisturizing it! Made with guava leaves to act as antioxidant and aids in acne and body odors to make the skin flawless.

* Orange You Glad - Lighten your skin while removing spots and acne. Made with kojic acid to lessen pigmentation, remove sun spots and freckles for soft and clear skin.

* Squeaky Clean - Anti-aging treatment that whitens the skin and evens skin tone while cleaning. Made with synthesized glutathione that is an antioxidant to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

* Oatrageous - Exfoliate your skin while moisturizing and soothing it. Made with oatmeal to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores to improve skin texture and appearance.

* Double Trouble - Whitens your skin while keeping it youthful and glowing. Combined effects of kojic acid and glutathione that whitens and tightens the skin with antioxidant to prevent wrinkles.

Retail - P50

Minimum of 50 pieces - P35
Minimum of 120 pieces - P28



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