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Packing Cube

  • ₱450.00

Home Organizer:
Packing Cubes keeps your drawers and cabinets organized!
It is perfect to store clothes especially if you want to fold it the Konmari way. 
It is also ideal for storing less used items such as winter clothes, outdoor apparel, pillow covers and so on. 

Travel Organizer:

Packing cubes are the best travel accessories you can possibly have! Not only do they keep everything organized in your luggage but they also maximize valuable packing space. Nothing is shifted or wrinkled and you can easily find what you are looking for. Once you have experienced traveling with packing cubes, you will wonder how you ever traveled without them! Also ideal for organizing or storing seasonal clothes at home. Made with thick lining material to make it sturdy.


Length x Width x Thickness
12" x 15.6" x 6"


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Wholesale Price ( 50 - 99 pcs ): P360
Bulk Price ( 100 pcs above ): P320

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