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Name Personalization Fee

  • ₱50.00

Simple gifts get an upgrade when you have them personalized. 

You don't have to spend a lot to give a meaningful gift that stands out and is cherished forever! 

Perfect for Christmas gifts, corporate giveaways, party giveaways, bachelorettes, team buildings, souvenirs etc..

Just add P50 for any travel organizers and you can personalize it with up to 10 letters! 

Personalization is great for home organizing and storage, too!
Organize your closet with labeled travel organizers to keep everything in order.
Minimum of 6 travel organizers
(limited to one font color per 5 pcs)
Max 10 letters
P50 per item
14 days to ship out


1. Choose a minimum of 6 travel organizers - you can mix any items ( except Clear Kit and Luggage Strap)

Add them to your shopping cart

2. Select Name Personalization Fee quantity equivalent to the number of travel organizers you want to personalize

Ex. 3 short gadget case, 3 long gadget case = 6 Name Personalization Fee = P180 total for all items

3. Fill up the order form ( see last photo ) and email to
Indicate the complete name and mobile number you used to make your order on the website

* Font Options: Script, Block ( all caps)
* Font Color: Black, White, Gold 
- Names will be placed on the same location as shown on photos in this album - 
- Size of personalized name will be the same as the size shown on photos in this album - 
- 14 days lead time does not include shipping time. Please give allowance for shipping or have it picked up by delivery services - 

Beat the Christmas rush and order today! 

Minimum of 6 travel organizers and 6 name personalization fee

* Please choose quantity of 6 and above * 

Orders less than 6 will not be accepted. If payment has been made through Paypal or credit card for less than 6 and refund is requested, Paypal fee will be deducted from client. 

No Cash-on-Delivery for Personalized orders. Orders must be 100% paid through Credit Card or Bank Deposit. 

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