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Luggage Cover Medium

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Home Organizer: 
When putting your travels on hold, make sure your luggages are safe from dust and dirt while in storage. The Luggage Cover will protect your luggage until it's safe to travel again!

Travel Organizer: 
Travel in sense and style with a luggage cover that will :

- protect your luggage from scratches and dirts

- ensure that your luggage stays intact

- help you recognize your luggage instantly


*washable, water resistant, stretchable 

*easy to fit/ remove, 

* made of thick, stretchable material

* With velcro and garter underneath

* comes in a box - ready for gift giving! 

Size Guide:

Small – fits carry on luggage with height between 18 – 20 inches

Medium  – fits luggage with height between 21 to 26 inches

Large  – fits luggage with height between 27 to 30 inches 

* Have this PERSONALIZED: Click here for more details * 


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